There are several ways to generate income in the crypto industry. You could simply buy the token and stake it, or even become a miner. In NOVA Real Chain, you can do all of the above but also generate profits by purchasing certain nodes. How is that possible? And what are these nodes?

What are NOVA Real Chain Nodes?

The nodes are a scalable and secure solution for the tokenization of assets. The process of tokenization is carried out by a set of nodes represented by NFTs that must be staked. It is a very simple process that requires no technical knowledge.

Other projects like Sophon, Aethir, or IO have successfully developed classic nodes similar to what NOVA Real Chain is doing, offering POS nodes for network security and governance. However, NOVA Real Chain distinguishes itself with a unique and innovative feature: RWA nodes.

These RWA nodes provide security for the tokenization of assets from the beginning to the end. This process distributes tasks among different elements (cores) involved in the buying and selling of real-world assets (RWA) to carry out a simple and secure process, generating passive income for node holders along the way.

Fig. 1 – Comparative Node Table: Strengths of NOVA Real Chain

Still don’t know what you can get from the RWA Nodes?

Master Nodes offer significant earning opportunities. They are available with limited product access across different tiers and are open for investment to anyone. The higher the tier of the Master Nodes, the greater the potential revenue.

This offers a unique opportunity for investors to earn passive income through multi-reward participation. Node rewards are awesome as you can get Bitcoin, RWAfi (native token) and stable coins (like USDT).

Regarding the function of the Master Nodes, they control various elements called “cores.” These cores, in turn, provide security and verify the entire tokenization process of real-world assets, making them truly relevant.

In NOVA Real Chain, Master Nodes control 5 types of RWA cores:

  • Gateway Core: Represent the first contact for transactions and tokenization requests, checking the initial information of the process.
  • Validator Core: Ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the real-world assets, providing security by validating transactions and assets right after the Gateway Nodes.
  • Data Core: Manage the data throughout the process, which is extremely important for the operations and analysis of RWA.
  • AI Core: Employ artificial intelligence to support and enhance the efficiency of the entire tokenization process.
  • Governance Core: Facilitate strategic decision-making through voting, allowing stakeholders to have a say in the direction and management of the network.

Stake your NFT and get rewards from it. Is it that easy?

A lot of investors might think that the process of owning a Master Node could be complex. But… not at all! Node owners simply need to stake their NFTs (Node Ownership) on the NOVA Real Chain platform without any technical specifications. You can perform this action from any device that can access our platform. There are no limitations on the type or number of devices.

The operation of the nodes will be able to start once the staking platform is active, which will happen 3 months after the token generation event (TGE).

As mentioned, higher-tier nodes offer greater rewards and increase the potential for resale in the secondary market, making them a potentially lucrative investment as a liquid asset.

Can I get access to some RWA nodes for FREE?

Yes, it is possible. Currently, you can acquire free nodes through a giveaway valued at $2,400 in Master Nodes. There is an ongoing campaign where you can participate by completing simple steps, such as joining the NOVA Real Chain Telegram community or tagging two friends in the comment section, for a chance to obtain nodes at no cost. But that’s not all—stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in token and node airdrops in the near future. RWA Nodes are limited, so act now to avoid missing out!