The tokenization process of real-world assets (RWA) can be really complicated. The challenges that projects face are significant and can create certain difficulties. However, NOVA Real Chain offers innovative technological solutions, making the tokenization process much simpler through the use of its Master Nodes.

The Challenge: Node Complexity

Many projects face the main problem of dealing with the technical complexity required to carry out nodes functions. In many situations, you need high-powered devices and even have to use virtual machines to virtualize certain operating systems (such as Ubuntu). This creates issues when generating passive income with nodes for people without resources or with less advanced technical knowledge.

The solution: NOVA’s RWA Master Nodes

As we have seen, these problems can deter retail investors from participating in the tokenization of real-world assets. However, with NOVA Real Chain, all that changes thanks to its innovative technology: RWA nodes. These RWA nodes present numerous advantages and conveniences tailored for investors.

Firstly, RWA nodes offer aligned incentives, promoting continuous collaboration and contributions within the network. This alignment ensures that all participants benefit as the ecosystem expands, creating a robust and sustainable community.

Secondly, Master Nodes are represented as liquid assets in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Node owners can trade these NFTs on secondary markets, enjoying flexibility and liquidity by easily exchanging them at any time.

Furthermore, running a node on NOVA Real Chain is remarkably user-friendly. Once an investor acquires a Master Node (NFT), they can stake it on the platform using any device. This simplicity encourages participation, allowing anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to engage in the tokenization process and start earning returns.

The tokenization process itself enhances retail engagement, lowers barriers to entry, and invites broader participation. This approach enables individuals without advanced knowledge to actively contribute to and benefit from the network.

In terms of financial benefits, owning an RWA node (Master Node) generates passive income streams. Node owners can earn income in Bitcoin, USDT, and RWAfi tokens. Moreover, there’s the potential to receive royalties derived from tokenized real-world assets, enhancing the attractiveness of these nodes as a source of continuous revenue.

Importantly, NOVA Real Chain’s nodes offer a hedge against market volatility by deriving profits from tangible, real-world assets. This feature allows investors to diversify their portfolios within an ecosystem that, while connected to the crypto market, offers stability and resilience against crypto market fluctuations.

In summary, NOVA Real Chain’s RWA nodes combine ease of use, liquidity, passive income opportunities, and stability through real-world asset backing, making them a compelling choice for investors seeking both security and growth potential in the digital asset landscape.

Master Nodes Pre-sale: unique opportunity

The Master Nodes are divided into 5 tiers. Nodes in the higher tiers (tier 1 and 2) are slightly better than nodes in the lower tiers. However, all nodes generate good returns for investors. Purchasing these nodes during a pre-sale offers a much better opportunity compared to buying them on the secondary market.

Fig. 1 – Sale Details of Master Nodes Pre-Sale

Currently, the pre-sales for tier 1 and tier 2 nodes have ended, and a giveaway is underway to celebrate. Fortunately, the pre-sale for nodes in the remaining tiers has not yet taken place, so there are significant investment opportunities if you act quickly. We will soon announce the pre-sale for these nodes on both our X account and the NOVA Real Chain community Telegram. Follow NOVA Real Chain on X to stay updated on investment opportunities, giveaways, or airdrops and not miss out on any of them.